The Curriculum Vitae (CV) of Dr. Joe Plaud


Applied Behavioral Consultants, LLC under the leadership of Dr. Joe Plaud provides assessment and treatment services in forensic clinical psychology, specializing in behavioral and physiological risk assessments involving sexual behavior in both criminal and civil contexts, as well as sexual offender registration risk evaluations, and consultation in other areas of clinical and forensic psychology. Dr. Plaud has testified as an expert witness in multiple states as well as within the federal system in the United States. He is recognized around the world as a professional leader in the evaluation and treatment of male and female sexual offenders, including adolescent sexual offenders. Click on the link below to access, download and/or save Dr. Plaud's Curriculum Vitae.

The Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Joseph J. Plaud
Dr. Joseph J. Plaud's Curriculum Vitae (CV)